Old Town & Gujarati Cuisine: Ahmedabad, India

Gujarat, India?! Uh...what about it? That was my first reaction when my cousin suggested I meet her in her temporary hometown of Ahmedabad (Gujarat's ex-capital) on my once in three year visit to India. I could be trekking in Ladakh or hanging out ┬áin some random village in the south. What the heck would we … Continue reading Old Town & Gujarati Cuisine: Ahmedabad, India


Village Travels – Gujarat (India)

Bhuj is a small town, approximately 6 hours from Ahmedabad. So what's there in Bhuj?! Certainly no Taj Mahal, I can assure you. But Bhuj is a gateway to the desert, a large part of which is a seasonal salt marsh. It's also the gateway to a smattering of tiny villages that are home to … Continue reading Village Travels – Gujarat (India)