Greece’s Hidden Gem

I recently discovered a secret Greece has been hiding from the world. It’s called Meteora. The town is a hidden gem, a few hours from Athens. Fully prepared to be swept off my feet by the island of Santorini, I fell in love instead with this magical place, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. My … Continue reading Greece’s Hidden Gem


Top 5 Lessons I have learnt while traveling!

How to enjoy traveling the world!

Istanbul: Trapped in an accessory store

I was trapped in an accessory store on a balmy Saturday evening. It was my last night in Istanbul. I had only a few hours to shop and eat doner kebabs one last time before going home to the States. Oh and sit in a Nargile cafe with a mint flavored hookah! Outdoor Nargile cafe … Continue reading Istanbul: Trapped in an accessory store

Old Town & Gujarati Cuisine: Ahmedabad, India

Gujarat, India?! Uh...what about it? That was my first reaction when my cousin suggested I meet her in her temporary hometown of Ahmedabad (Gujarat's ex-capital) on my once in three year visit to India. I could be trekking in Ladakh or hanging out  in some random village in the south. What the heck would we … Continue reading Old Town & Gujarati Cuisine: Ahmedabad, India

Village Travels – Gujarat (India)

Bhuj is a small town, approximately 6 hours from Ahmedabad. So what's there in Bhuj?! Certainly no Taj Mahal, I can assure you. But Bhuj is a gateway to the desert, a large part of which is a seasonal salt marsh. It's also the gateway to a smattering of tiny villages that are home to … Continue reading Village Travels – Gujarat (India)

New Year’s Eve in Montezuma

Sloths..sublime beaches...friendly I fondly speak of Costa Rica with its lush rainforests and its warm beaches - it has something for everyone! Although if you really want to see wildlife, please take the time and head to the Osa Peninsula. Here's a common route people take: San Jose to Arenal to Monteverde to Manuel … Continue reading New Year’s Eve in Montezuma

Walking the Salt Flats: Gujarat, India

Today was the day I was finally going to sleep in a mud tent and visit a salt desert. Wow. I was excited! But we first had to figure out how to get to this salt desert my cousin kept referring to.  I hadn't known India had a salt desert. Our overnight train from Ahmedabad … Continue reading Walking the Salt Flats: Gujarat, India

Kecak Dance: A Balinese Interpretation of the Ramayana

It was hot and muggy. My friends and I walked along single file on the narrow sidewalk looking for the temple. The dance started promptly at 7pm and I wanted to make sure we had seats. Every time we stopped to ask a shop owner they would say, "straight." So we kept trudging along. When … Continue reading Kecak Dance: A Balinese Interpretation of the Ramayana

An encounter with Bali’s famous medicine man!

"You so pretty, your lips like sugar." The 98 year old frail man let go of my palm and made me turn around so he can read my neck and  pronounced with a toothless smile that I would have great sex at midnight. Good to know. "Um Ketut, so what about my career?" Ketut coughed … Continue reading An encounter with Bali’s famous medicine man!

Geckos and Paddy fields – Indonesia

Have you ever seen a Gecko? I'm sure many of you have. Have you ever HEARD one?! "Eh-oh. Eh-oh. Eh-oh." I never actually saw the Gecko, but always woke up to the sounds of these creatures that cannot blink. Most of them anyway. They have a fixed lens within each iris that enlarges in darkness. … Continue reading Geckos and Paddy fields – Indonesia