Greece’s Hidden Gem

I recently discovered a secret Greece has been hiding from the world. It’s called Meteora. The town is a hidden gem, a few hours from Athens. Fully prepared to be swept off my feet by the island of Santorini, I fell in love instead with this magical place, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. My … Continue reading Greece’s Hidden Gem


Istanbul: Trapped in an accessory store

I was trapped in an accessory store on a balmy Saturday evening. It was my last night in Istanbul. I had only a few hours to shop and eat doner kebabs one last time before going home to the States. Oh and sit in a Nargile cafe with a mint flavored hookah! Outdoor Nargile cafe … Continue reading Istanbul: Trapped in an accessory store

New Year’s Eve in Montezuma

Sloths..sublime beaches...friendly I fondly speak of Costa Rica with its lush rainforests and its warm beaches - it has something for everyone! Although if you really want to see wildlife, please take the time and head to the Osa Peninsula. Here's a common route people take: San Jose to Arenal to Monteverde to Manuel … Continue reading New Year’s Eve in Montezuma

Walking the Salt Flats: Gujarat, India

Today was the day I was finally going to sleep in a mud tent and visit a salt desert. Wow. I was excited! But we first had to figure out how to get to this salt desert my cousin kept referring to.  I hadn't known India had a salt desert. Our overnight train from Ahmedabad … Continue reading Walking the Salt Flats: Gujarat, India

Kecak Dance: A Balinese Interpretation of the Ramayana

It was hot and muggy. My friends and I walked along single file on the narrow sidewalk looking for the temple. The dance started promptly at 7pm and I wanted to make sure we had seats. Every time we stopped to ask a shop owner they would say, "straight." So we kept trudging along. When … Continue reading Kecak Dance: A Balinese Interpretation of the Ramayana

Geckos and Paddy fields – Indonesia

Have you ever seen a Gecko? I'm sure many of you have. Have you ever HEARD one?! "Eh-oh. Eh-oh. Eh-oh." I never actually saw the Gecko, but always woke up to the sounds of these creatures that cannot blink. Most of them anyway. They have a fixed lens within each iris that enlarges in darkness. … Continue reading Geckos and Paddy fields – Indonesia